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Elastic Poly Clay Bar

Shining Monkey Elastic Poly Clay Bar is a long-lasting, reusable, synthetic detailing clay bar that will leave your vehicle smooth, shiny, and unbelievably clean.
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Shining Monkey Elastic Poly Clay 200g Bar removes hidden contaminants that washing leaves behind. Detailing clay deep cleans auto paint by removing microscopic, embedded debris that gradually harms the paint. Shining Monkey Elastic Poly Clay Bar is a long-lasting, reusable, synthetic detailing clay bar that will leave your vehicle smooth, shiny, and unbelievably clean.

Shining Monkey 200g Poly Clay Bar cleans your vehicle better than a polishing or washing with soap and water. Clay removes contaminants that are often too small to be seen with the naked eye, but they can be felt. Embedded contamination feels like gritty, rough patches. Though individual particles are not noticeable, large patches of contamination can develop and gradually infiltrate the paint. In the most severe cases, you will have to re-paint the panel or entire vehicle.

Clay removes:

  • Rail Dust – highly corrosive metal dust created by rail road wheels grinding against the tracks.
  • Brake Dust – highly corrosive metal dust generated by every vehicle on the road every time the driver applies the brakes
  • Industrial Fallout – air-polluting byproduct of industrial plants, often contains metals
  • Tree sap mist – a light spray of sap that sticks to anything in its path
  • Tar – road tar from construction is often hot when it hits the vehicle and it contains chemicals that are detrimental to auto paint.
  • Bugs – bug remains contain acidic fluids that eat into auto paint

In order for detailing clay to glide easily on the paint without scratching, you must use Shining Monkey Show & Shine Detailer. This combination of products will leave your vehicle feeling slick, smooth, and incredibly clean. Once wax or a paint sealant is applied, it will seal off the tiny holes left by the removed contaminants after you have clayed the vehicle. Your vehicle will look mirror-smooth and flawless, but only if you use Shining Monkey 200g Poly Clay as part of your detailing process!

Note: Claying should be done twice a year at most to maintain a slick, reflective finish. If your vehicle requires polishing and claying, use the clay first. Clay will remove any abrasive debris so it does not get rubbed into the paint as you polish. See our Application Procedures page for tips and tricks on how to tell when you need to use your clay bar!!

 Important: Use clay only with an approved clay lubricant, such as Shining Monkey Show & Shine Detailer. Our Show & Shine Detailer makes the surface slippery in order to reduce friction between the clay bar and the surface. Rub clay across lubricated area only and re-wet as needed. When used as directed, clay will remove contamination from paint, glass, and chrome without causing swirls or scratches. See our "Application Procedures" page for detailed instructions.

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