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Shining Monkey polish, wax, clean, detailing products.

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Ken Block 360 Matte Paint & Vinyl Wrap Detailer

Picture of Ken Block 360 Matte Paint & Vinyl Wrap Detailer
Cleans & Protects Matte Paint Finishes & Vinyl Wraps. Won't darken, discolor, stain, or streak the surface.

$19.99 USD

Ken Block RAD Shine

Picture of Ken Block RAD Shine

$12.99 USD

Clean and Repair Polish

Picture of Clean and Repair Polish
Saves you time !! No Need to Wait for Drying or Hazing!! Immediately bonds to paint surface !!

$13.99 USD

Color Enhance Glaze

Picture of Color Enhance Glaze
Color Enhance Treatment Use on Dull or Faded Paint! Restores Color and Depthness! Super Rich Gloss and Color Results!!

$13.99 USD

Seal and Protect Wax

Picture of Seal and Protect Wax
Saves you Time!! No Need to wait for Drying or Hazing!!! Immediately bonds to paint surface!!

$14.99 USD

Show and Shine Quick Detailer

Picture of Show and Shine Quick Detailer
Shine your ride in 60 seconds! No streaking, even on glass! Amazing results faster than ever before!!

$12.99 USD

Essentials Wheel Car Kit

Picture of Essentials Wheel Car Kit
Everything you need to make your wheels stand out! Save some cash with this value pack!

$39.99 USD

No- Spit Tire Shine Dressing

Picture of No- Spit Tire Shine Dressing
The original, non-spitting, long lasting shine, no mess, spray and go!

$9.99 USD

Car Wash and Wax Shampoo

Picture of Car Wash and Wax Shampoo
Wash and Wax Treatment

$7.99 USD

D-Spec Metal Polish Pad

Picture of D-Spec Metal Polish Pad
Safe on All Metal Surfaces! Super Fast and Easy to Use! Solution and Applicator All in One!! Restores to a Brilliant Bright Shine!!

$19.99 USD

Elastic Poly Clay Bar

Picture of Elastic Poly Clay Bar
Shining Monkey Elastic Poly Clay Bar is a long-lasting, reusable, synthetic detailing clay bar that will leave your vehicle smooth, shiny, and unbelievably clean.

$24.99 USD

Fabric Protector

Picture of Fabric Protector
Easy to use, heavy duty protection, dries odor-free, longer lasting, great for fine leather, safe for all fabrics!

$16.99 USD

Shining Monkey Sticker

Picture of Shining Monkey Sticker
Shining Monkey (character) sticker

$5.00 USD

Shining Monkey Air Freshener

Picture of Shining Monkey Air Freshener
Shining Monkey Air Freshener

$2.50 USD